Thursday, May 1, 2008

Philippine Corn Output Increases 27.6 Percent in 1st Quarter

Corn production in the Philippine's in the first quarter gained 27.6 percent to reach 2.17 million metric tons. In the same season last year production reached 1.70 million metric tons.

Agriculture Assistant Secretary Dennis Araullo said output exceeded expectations of the projected 2.14 million metric tons.

“More farmers planted corn in the last quarter of 2007. The total area harvested for corn reached 711,000 hectares,” Araullo said.

The best areas of production were the provinces of Isabela and Mindanao.

With the unexpected high results, if the second quarter holds up to expectations, the first half would reach 3.34 million metric tons, which would be an increase of 21 percent. Last year the first half produced 2.75 million metric tons.

If corn production keeps at this pace, the yearly output would reach 7.384 million metric tons, bringing the self-sufficiency level of corn for the Philippines to 94 percent.

Assuming the projections are close to accurate, yellow corn would reach 4.647 million and white corn 2.737 million.