Friday, March 28, 2008

Romania Intends to Join other European Union Members in Banning Monsanto Corn

Romania was a large believer in and producer of GM crops before it joined the European Union last year. Now they had a revival and have joined the anti-GM religion, and are looking to ban growing the crop within its borders. It would be the latest setback to the biotechnology industry. Six other EU members have bans in place.

Romanian environmental minister Attila Korodi called for a moratorium on planting the Monsanto GM corn named MON810, with the possibility of instituting a ban on April 15.

The tool Romania will use to justify the ban would be studies used by France and Hungary that allege there is some type of negative effect on the environment.

But as Europabio, a representative of the biotech companies says, “The specific biotech maize has also been the subject of thorough scientific reviews by scientific communities around the world and has received positive approvals by the world’s most robust approval systems, as well as EFSA.”

They added that the bans were totally baseless and would harm farmers.

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