Thursday, July 12, 2012

Corn Prices Could Push Up cost of Baking, Snack Items

After doing a little research on the plethora of items that could very well be going up in price soon because of the rise in the price of corn because of the devastating drought in the Midwest, it's surprising how many of these we use on an everyday basis, and how it may affect us all going forward.

For example, prices of regular thing we use in baking and cooking, or snacks we may partake in on a daily basis could be surging in price soon.

Some of the cooking and baking items include all sorts of condiments, vinegar, jellies, corn oil, margarine, sauces and nonstick cooking spray, to name just a few.

For snack foods, things like chips, pretzels, gum, candy and cookies could easily rise in price as the year goes on.

The reason is because corn byproducts are used as either preservatives or thickening agents for snacks or cooking and baking items. It is also used for sweetening up certain products, which is why gum and candy, or even canned fruits may cost significantly more in 2012.

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