Thursday, July 5, 2012

Iowa Corn Crop Weakening

With corn it doesn't take long for the health of the crop to change drastically, as the Iowa corn crop, after looking robust just about a weak ago, has started to falter as the ongoing drought starts to effect the crop much more than it had prior to this week.

Not too long ago the Iowa corn crop for 2012 was rated approximately 15 below 2011, but were considered in far better shape than the states surrounding it, according to a report from the USDA.

The USDA gave Iowa a 68 percent good-to-excellent rating. Illinois, the No. 2 producer behind Iowa, fell to 37 percent good to excellent. For other states, their good-to-excellent ratings were this: Indiana, 27 percent; Missouri, 34 percent; and Ohio, 49 percent.

While the other states will continue to falter, along with Iowa, the largest producer of corn and soybeans in the nation will be sure to have its good-to-excellent rating downwardly adjusted from its most recent levels when the next report from the USDA is released on Monday.

The areas of Iowa that are worsening are the upper northwest region of the state, as well as the eastern area.

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