Saturday, July 7, 2012

Minnesota Corn Tops in Country So Far

While Minnesota farmers are celebrating the fact that corn in the state is in the top condition in comparison to all other states, the weather turned hot last week, and has now put pressure on the corn, whereby there is a need in the next couple of weeks for significant rain to come in order to alter the changing circumstances.

Concerns are how long the subsoil moisture can continue to carry the corn crop, as it continues to draw on the diminishing water.

Corn is now entering the pollination stage in Minnesota, and more rain is critical to the yield of the crop. The quality of pollination is what determines the yield for corn, and if the rains don't come, it'll push down the amount of the corn yield exponentially.

Before the hot weather came, along with the lack of rain, the rating of Minnesota corn, according to Monday’s U.S. Department of Agriculture national crop condition report on July 2, was 82 percent of the corn was in good or excellent condition. That will quickly change if relief doesn't come soon.

Like other states, some parts of Minnesota received some good rain and the crop in those parts of the state are flourishing. Other parts of the state completely missed the rain, resulting in the deteriorating situation.

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